Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Cyclassics Bicycle Race in Hamburg

Filed under: Cycling — Michael @ 20:59

Well, the annual Cyclassics bicycle race was today, Sunday, August 19, in Hamburg. I was registered again for the 100km course. But because of bad weather and not a little laziness and also because my race partner was out of town for the wedding of a friend I didn’t feel I was prepared to do the race this year. But then just yesterday I was able to buy a 55km starting place and also found someone to take my 100km place.
So, today I got up ridiculously early (5:30am!) and made my way to Hamburg to start the 55km race at 8:00. I finished with an acceptable time of 1:49 with an average speed of just over 31kmh. Actually, that is just a bit slower than my best, 33kmh. I have done the race seven times, six on the 55km course and once, last year, the 100. For that I feel good. But right now I feel pretty used up and will have to see if I ride by bike to work tomorrow.
Next year I am going to sign up for the 55 and try to do a bit more riding before the race. The goal is to enjoy but I know I can also do better.