Friday, 29 February 2008

Another example of why Microsoft pisses me off

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I just saw a TED talk about the “new” Microsoft World Wide Telescope project ( and it pissed me off. Not because the project is a not a worthy one. In fact it looks like a very cool thing. But it was the usual, from them, implication that this was something “new, never been done before and only Microsoft brings you this kind of thing” that pissed me off when in fact a similar application has been around since 2001. The application is Celestia ( If the WWTelescope sounds interesting, you should check out Celestia, too. It also provides tours of the universe and supports scripting and add-ons and has a huge community of contributors and (this is probably where the folks in Redmond want you to stay ignorant) runs on just about every platform out there (including Windows). Oh, and is also free.
It pisses me off because it is just another example of how “computing” is what Microsoft defines it to be and not what it really is. There are alternatives. Computing (without the quotes) is a wide open playground. “Computing” is what Microsoft says it is and what you must agree to if you want to play.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Where to?

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Well the time is here to start thinking about the next bicycle tour. Last year we went to southern France and had a great time but this year I am thinking I would like to stay closer to home.
Members of the group live in Munich and Hamburg and I thought maybe something that would be relatively close for all. The Rhein/Mösel maybe? Or the Mozart Radweg in and around Salzburg (well, not so close for those of us in Hamburg)? Or the Elbe to Dresden? Back to the Alsace?
And then there is when as well…