Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Pamina, wo bist du?

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I am always on the look out for recordings of Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte” that I have not yet heard. A couple of months ago, I purchased a new/old recording of a performance conducted by Wolfgang Sawallisch with the Orchester der Bayerischen Staatsoper (EMI 0946 3 58607 2 6). This is a re-release of a recording made in 1972. It is very good and has become one of my favorites. A surprise came in the second act when I heard something new. A duet by Tamino and Papageno, “Pamina, wo bist du?” sung at the beginning of their trials.
The duet is rather light and I personally question whether it was even written by Mozart. I searched the Net and found only references to this recording. The question remained, where did the duet come from? Well, I thought, why not write to Mr. Sawallisch? So, I did. And he was very kind to write back with an answer.
Apparently the source of the duet is an entry in the appendix to the complete Köchel catalog. Mr. Sawallisch said that since it is so difficult to do something new with such an often recorded piece such as Die Zauberflöte, he decided to include the duet in his intrepretation. And he knows of no other performance.
The next step is to track down a copy of the Köchel catalog. None of the on-line listings that I have found has this duet. The university library lists a print copy so, when time permits, I will follow this up and will post an update when I know more.


  1. I’ve just read an article (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 28FEB2008, page 42) ‘How much music a human needs?’, which talks about how well equipped Germany is wrt. to professional orchestra ensembles. In this article, a Mr. William Beeman was cited; he guesses, that more than 2/3 of all opera performances world-wide are happening in the german speaking countries. That I find astonishing: I never thought about this as I live in Germany and take the pure existence of a functional opera house in my town as normal.

    And Mr. Beeman (google him up from the Uni of Minnesota) is also an interesting person which is not only singing himself, but also vocal in other areas than opera.

    Comment by Thomas — Tuesday, 11 March 2008 @ 21:52

  2. There is yet another recording of this duet: Mackerras’ rendition for Telarc (http://www.allmusic.com/album/mozart-die-zauberfl%C3%B6te-mw0001815315)

    The duet, however, is not inserted in the corresponding chronology of events, but rather added as an appendix. The first time I heard this performance, I got quite startled, thinking: hey, the opera is over. What is going on?? 😀

    Comment by He will be Bach — Saturday, 19 July 2014 @ 2:00

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