Friday, 8 December 2006

We lost a friend today

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Sixteen years ago a young cat showed up at our door. He had been abandoned. We lived in a rural area and he was not the first cat that someone had thrown away in the area. But this cat was not feral and was probably tossed when, as male cats do, he started spraying. We took a liking to him and after a few days we decided we would adopt him. That meant a visit to the Vet for shots and neutering. I named him Jupiter. He was a very gentle cat and we quickly became very attached him and he to us. Our other cat, Tasha, even gradually came to tolerate him.
Five years later, I got a job offer that meant moving from central California to Germany. My wife’s only concern about the move was whether we would be able to bring along our cats. We could and we did.
Sadly, Tasha died a couple of years later. That was in 1997. She was almost seventeen years old. Her death left a large empty spot in our “family”.
Today, it was Jupiter who left us. He was a good friend. We will miss him. Very, very much.



  1. I remember one day at your house, we were gathering up a load of books to sell at the used-book store. After parking on the busy avenue in front of the store, you opened the trunk to retrieve the books… and Jupiter jumped out! He’d stowed away when we’d turned our backs for just a second. Mad scrambles to coax our shivering boy out from under the car where he crouched, terrified by all the rushing traffic. Book-selling waited while you whisked him safely home. Were you ever able to dissuade him from exploring dark and interesting places? I thought not…

    He lucked out when he arrived on your doorstep. You were the perfect family for him. He was a dear and gentle soul, and he will be missed.

    Deep love,

    Comment by pjwyatt — Saturday, 9 December 2006 @ 20:47

  2. Hello pj,
    Thank you. You thought right. Jupiter loved to find places to burrow. I know that this is not unlike many other cats. I remember one tme when I was vacuuming the living room. When it came to the couch I pulled off a quilt that was draped over it and a cat went flying. Jupiter had burrowed into the quilt. I still feel bad. Think about what it must feel like to literally have the rug pulled out from underneath (or in this case around) you.
    Last night, day two, the loss really hit me hard. I was looking at some pictures of our “little guy” and I can’t even describe the feeling that came over me. I guess that this is mourning. It hurt in a profound way.
    Today I put together some of these pictures to share with you.

    Comment by Michael — Monday, 11 December 2006 @ 1:52

  3. Thanks for the pics! They warmed my heart and made me laugh. He just took over that printout, didn’t he?

    Mourn for your lost friend. He’s left a tremendous hole behind. The bond you had deserves to be honored in this way. It will last for as long as it lasts. Let it be.

    Deep love,

    Comment by pjwyatt — Monday, 11 December 2006 @ 17:38

  4. At first I thought that the house felt empty because we no longer had a fuzzy little animal running around. But last night I realized that it’s more than that. I miss Jupiter himself.

    He taught us that it’s the simple things that make life worth living: some congenial company at meal times, a nap to refresh onesself from the stresses of the day, someone to snuggle with and play with, some comforting when life is overwhelming.

    We taught him to talk. He announced to us that he was awake or that he had entered a room, just in case we hadn’t noticed. He told us what we should do for him, right now. He told us when he was happy or sad or frustrated or frightened. He knew that we would listen and understand. He was so sure of this that he sometimes just smacked his lips, in imitation of our moving our lips when we talked. He didn’t need vocalizations at these times, because he knew that we’d get the message.

    We taught each other a lot. We shared a great deal more. He was our friend for 16 years. I miss him greatly.

    Comment by blackcat — Tuesday, 12 December 2006 @ 13:10

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