Monday, 12 February 2007

The world turns…

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Today, Sunday, we adopted a cat. Yesterday, my wife, blackcat, opened the bi-weekly newspaper for our neck-of-the-woods and turned immediately to the section that more often than not contains an article from the local “Tierheim” (animal shelter). There was a picture of “Hummel” (bumblebee). The description of this cat seemed to match what we had discussed as our desire for a new member of the family exactly. She was an adult cat (~six years old) and had had a less than pleasent life and needed a new home that was quiet and where she would be the only cat.
blackcat called the Tierheim the next morning and well, a short while later Hummel was being introduced to her new home. She seems to adapting well to her new surroundings. It will take a few days before she really feels at home. And she is at home. We made the decision to bring her into our life and she is now our responsibility. We can not, like those before, simply throw her away.
Follow-up and a picture will follow.

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