Sunday, 18 March 2007

Our Bicycle Tour in France

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Well, the plans have been made and we’re going to southern France for our bike tour 2007. The date is the last week in April and the route is Avignon to Nice. It was a bit complicated organizing how we would get there. There will be three of us making the the tour, two from Hamburg and one from München. At first I was looking at taking the train. It is easy to take our bikes with us and there are good connections. But the trip from Hamburg to Avignon is over 20 hours and even as much as I enjoy train travel I had to admit that is a rather long time. So, the next idea was to fly. There are flights to Avignon but they require a couple of changes and are rather expensive. But from Hamburg (and München) there are many inexpensive flights to Nice. So, I thought, how about flying to Nice, taking a train to Avignon, bicycling back to Nice and flying home. And that is what we will do.
The only thing was to make sure that we could take our bicycles with us on the plane. I ended up going to the Lufthansa ticket office at the Hamburg airport and the woman I spoke with there was very helpful in getting us inexpensive flights on planes that had the baggage capacity for also carrying bicycles. (The bargain airlines generally fly small planes and were unsure if they could even take a single bike. And when you add up the landing fees, taxes, service fees, etc. they are only a few Euros cheaper than with a major carrier anyway.)
The happy result was that now I have tickets in hand for the three of us and we’ll soon be biking through Provence. The main goal for this trip (aside from the wine and cheese) is the the Grand Canyon du Verdon. Except for the Gorges du Verdon and a few other points of interest, the exact route we’ll take has not been decided and probably won’t be until we’ve done it. And since we’ll have seven days for cycling we should be able to take a pretty indirect route and see a fair amount of the region.


  1. Just checked in to see if you had any cycling plans — sounds great! Looking forward to more news and pictures.

    Comment by bcoppola — Wednesday, 28 March 2007 @ 15:04

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