• November 8, 2009 /  Recordings

    In the original autograph, Mozart included a cadenza for the three ladies in scene one. This was removed early on and replaced by a short two bar bridge.
    In his 1995 recording of the Flute, William Cristie has reinserted this cadenza. In the sample here, we pick up the first scene at the end of bar 187. At bar 205 the cadenza begins (19 bars) and returns at bar 207. That is, bars 205 and 206 in the edited score replace the cadenza.

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    The excerpt is from the ERATO CD no. 0630-12705-2. Die drei Damen are sung by Anna-Maria Panzarella, Doris Lamprecht, and Delphine Haidan; Les Arts Florissants conducted by William Christie. I rate it as a must-have recording!
    The Bärenreiter score (no. 155) includes the cadenza as an appendix.