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    The picture above is from “Prinz Tamino”, a beautiful book by Michael Sowa. The book has the sub-title “Märchen und Papiertheater nach Mozarts Zauberflöte” (“Fairy Tale and Paper Theater based on…”). The picture is actually of one of the pages (of heavy card stock) that comprise the paper theater. The figures may be punched out and you can put on your own Magic Flute paper production.
    And the fairy tale is fun too. It is indeed an abbreviated version of the Flute with the whole cast of characters. But best are the wonderful illustrations by Sowa. Here are a couple of images from the book.
    The first is Tamino meeting the Queen of the Night and the second is the entrance to the trial by fire. Really great. And there are many, many other wonderful images of characters and settings in the book.
    The text is in German. But even if you can’t read the story you will delight in the illustrations and, of course, the paper theater!
    Michael Sowa
    Märchen und Papiertheater nach
    Mozarts Zauberflöte
    mit einem Capriccio von Eckhard Henscheid
    published by Aufbau-Verlag GmbH, Berlin 2000
    ISBN 3-351-04002-4

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