• February 21, 2009 /  Performances

    I have in my collection of Die Zauberflöte recordings a number of older (and some newer) vinyl. Of course the sound quality of a record can’t compare with a contemporary digital recording but they can contain absolute gems of performance.
    Here is an example. This clip is of Peter Roth-Ehrang singing Sarastro in a 1958 recording made at the Staatsoper Hamburg. (The picture is not of Peter Roth-Ehrang but of a costume study by Heinrich Stürmer for the 1816 Berlin Hofoper production.)

    Sarastro is a tough role and this is an exceptional performance in my opinion.
    I haven’t found much about Hr. Roth-Ehrang. He seems to have been fairly active in the fifties and I did find one reference to a role in the German film “Schwarzer Peter” in 1966. Anybody know more?

    Posted by Papageno @ 13:18

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