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    Back in 1968, the porcelain maker Rosenthal introduced their “Zauberflöte” collections. There were full place settings, tea and coffee services and additional pieces. They came in numerous variations including plain white, “Platin” in white with dark gray accents, and “Sarastro” with lots of gold.
    Rosenthal Zauberflöte Broshure
    I first heard of these pieces from a friend whose mom gave her a tea service, in “Platin”,  a number of years ago. She brought it out once when we were visiting. Really cool stuff. Definitely over the top but cool.
    I went looking for some more info about the pieces and ended up with quite a number of links to eBay. So, to add to my growing collection of Magic Flute stuff, I bought a small vase, pictured here.
    Rosenthal vase
    Rosenthal vase inscription
    The inscription on the base is a line from the opera. It reads: “1.Aüfzüg, 1.Aüftritt: Die drei Damen: Würd ich mein Herz der Liebe weihn, so müßt es dieser Jüngling sein!” (1.Act, 1.Scene: The three ladies: Would I give my heart to love, it must be for this young man!). The signature is of the designer, Bjørn Wiinblad.

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